The Mission

To use instrumental music as a tool to unite people through an emotional connection and a unique experience, regardless of their origin, race or condition.

The Vision

To involve the people of Seville in the live recording of the song commemorating the 25th anniversary of the EXPO 92 Universal Exhibition.

How we did it?

Making of & Extended Version:


'Curro, 25' is inspired by the personality of CURRO, the mascot of the 1992 Universal Exposition of Seville, Spain: it is cheerful, participative and for all ages and audiences.

The mascot's creator, Heinz Edelmann, is recognized primarily for being the artistic director and character designer of the film Yellow Submarine, where The Beatles appeared in a psychedelic and lively vision.


RECORD LABEL: Vodevil Vargas (Self-Released)

RELEASE DATE: May 8, 2017

Composer, music producer & event organizer: Vodevil Vargas • Coordination: City Hall of Seville • Co-organizer: Legado Expo Sevilla • Sponsors: 25 Expo 92 & Navigation Pavilion

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'CURRO, 25' Press Clipping

"The people of Seville participated in the recording of the song 'CURRO 25' composed by Vodevil Vargas to commemorate the XXV Anniversary of EXPO 92"
"The song is inspired by the personality of 'Curro', the famous mascot of EXPO 92"

Musicians and production

► Shouts and Claps recorded live at Foundation of the Mediterranean Three Cultures (Seville, March 18, 2017)

► Timeline of people recording live:

  • 0:48
  • 1:58
  • 2:51

► Composed and Produced by Vodevil Vargas

• Vodevil Vargas: Electric guitars
• Toni Mateos: Drums
• Gabriel Peso: Piano & Hammond
• Manuel García-Baró: Big Band arrangement
• Javi García: Bass
• People of Seville: Rhythmic shouts and Claps

• Duende-V Studios (Madrid, Spain)
• Groove Factory Studios (Barcelona, Spain)
• Foundation of the Mediterranean Three Cultures (Seville, Spain)

MIX & MASTERING: Luis Del Toro at Del Toro Studios (Madrid, Spain)